Backstage Rally Great Britain.

Time to man up.

It’s time for some down and dirty action: Rally Great Britain is all about rain, mud, fog and chilly temperatures. So the final rally of the season isn’t exactly a bed of roses for the drivers or the fans. But it’s precisely the inclement weather conditions on the north coast of Wales that make the closing WRC event what it is. It can traditionally get very intense on the boggy forest tracks. And the same goes for the many stadiums around Wales where a ball – or is it an egg? – is sent flying through the air every weekend.


The Welsh national sport, rugby, is a tough game that demands a great deal of its players. Much like in rallying, the key requirements in rugby are teamwork, speed and stamina. A little brawn doesn’t go amiss either, because a rugby match involves a lot of jostling, tugging and pushing, much like a game of American football. The rules are slightly different, however, and are explained in the graphic below.