A roller-coaster ride to the limit.

The natives call their rally the ‘Finnish Grand Prix’. This is partly due to the popularity of the event, but also due to the speeds at which the world championship drivers tear through the Finnish forests. They race between the trees at 200 km/h, drift around bends with millimetre precision and jump over blind hills. This means that they are unable to see what is lurking on the other side. With all the hills and jumps, the rally resembles a two-and-a-half-day roller-coaster ride to the limit. In no other event is so much courage and sensitivity required at the wheel, and in no other rally is the interaction between driver and co-driver so important. That’s because the smallest of errors can end up causing a bad accident.

Date: 1 till 3 August 2014

A sneak peek at the pace notes: co-drivers tell all.


There’s a group of people who are often overlooked during a rally, and that’s the co-drivers. They are, of course, unjustly overlooked, because rallying is a team sport, and without a co-driver’s very quick instructions, it would be impossible for a driver to drive a WRC vehicle at high speed. After all, you’re sure to run into trouble if you’re driving at 160 km/h without any idea of whether you need to steer left or right after the next corner.

Ola Fløene about Rally Finland.


What’s different about Rally Finland?
Rally Finland is the WRC rally I have the most respect for. It can be compared to F1 in the forest. If you get a good feeling for the notes and the car, then this is the rally that’s the most fun to drive/co-drive.

What do you have to pay particular attention to in Finland?
The driver and co-driver need to do a good recce, and the pace notes need to be 101%.

What has been your finest moment in Finland?
Most be in 2008 with Andreas in a WRC car. He was 18 years old and we was 4pl overall before the first service Day1.

And what about your worst moment in Finland?
The last stage on day 1 with Andreas in 2008. We were in sixth place overall, but on one crest, we turned the wrong direction and headed straight towards a house. Andreas somehow managed to steer the car away from the house. This all happened on 6 gear flatt. I hope this doesn’t happen to us again in the future!