Rally Great Britain

The mudbath.

The GB Rally is officially classed as a gravel rally. However, the past has shown that the term ‘mud rally’ would be a lot more apt. Apparently, there are some people who remember completely dry outings of this forest marathon, but most of the time heavy rainfall and thick fog make conditions difficult to say the least. In poor visibility, the drive through the forest often turns into a ‘blind flight’, with the drivers literally having to place their blind faith in the instructions on their co-drivers. Even switching the date of the event from November to September will probably do nothing to reduce the degree of difficulty.

Date: 14 till 16 November 2014

A sneak peek at the pace notes: co-drivers tell all.


There’s a group of people who are often overlooked during a rally, and that’s the co-drivers. They are, of course, unjustly overlooked, because rallying is a team sport, and without a co-driver’s very quick instructions, it would be impossible for a driver to drive a WRC vehicle at high speed. After all, you’re sure to run into trouble if you’re driving at 160 km/h without any idea of whether you need to steer left or right after the next corner.

Miikka Anttila about Rally Great Britain.


What’s different about Rally Great Britain?
I think Jari-Matti and I have competed in Rally Wales something like ten or eleven times, so we are familiar with every single special stage there. Jari-Matti loves the special stages there and Rally Wales is something of a second ‘home event’ for him. I like Rally Wales too, especially when it’s dry. Unfortunately, though, it rains most of the time and you have to be incredibly careful in some places because the track can get extremely slippery.

What do you have to pay particular attention to in the UK?
The weather is highly unpredictable, so the track and also the pace notes can significantly change within seconds. It helps to have a degree of experience with conditions like this.

What has been your finest moment in the UK?
Jari-Matti and I succeeded in winning Rally Wales in 2011 and 2012, so those are definitely my finest moments in the UK.

And what about your worst moment in the UK?
That was the 2005 rally – Markko Märtin and his co-driver Michael Park had a serious accident in which Michael Park unfortunately died.