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The Content & Media Pool.

More content. More information. More motor sports. The Volkswagen Motorsport Content & Media Pool will provide you with comprehensive and fast support for your journalistic activities. In the Content and Media Pool you will always find the latest press material on all the rallies and races, plus all the latest developments and events from the world of Volkswagen Motorsport.

The most essential features:

· You have access to comprehensive and exclusive material.

· With the search function, you will find the content you are looking for quickly and easily – and you can download it immediately.

· You can refine your search using various filters.

· Compilations: we compile extensive material on selected themes for you – images, press releases, footage, etc.

· You can download footage in various formats.

· You have access to a wide range of basic information – including media guides, fact sheets, graphics and profiles.


a) You are already registered for the Volkswagen Motorsport media services?
Please log in using your email address (instead of your former username) and your existing password.

b) If you are registering for the first time, please complete the form and then click on ‘Send’. Once your details have been verified by Volkswagen Motorsport, access to the site will be granted and you will receive a confirmation email. Please bear in mind that this process may take a little time.


To make sure that you are able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily in the Volkswagen Motorsport Content & Media Pool, we  optimised the search function. By using the expanded keyword function, you can carry out an even more detailed search. Additional filters allow you to refine the search. The search results will display all related content.


You can either download the accessed content immediately or temporarily place it in the Info Basket so that you can download everything from there all at once after you have finished searching. Videos are also available to download.