A profile of Germany.

Selected facts on the host country for the

WRC Rally Germany.


It’s open to debate as to whether Germans love their cars more than their bread or vice versa. But one thing’s for sure – Germany boasts plenty of both. Approximately 80.2 million Germans own around 43.4 million cars, giving Germany the fourth-highest car ownership figure in the world. And if you’re a little peckish when in Germany, there are some 300 types of bread there to choose from – white bread, brown bread, bread for toasting, baguettes ... the list is endless.
The seven-times Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher and the two-times world rally champion Walter Röhrl are a testament to the fact that Germany’s 7,680 kilometres of autobahn, where there is no speed limit, aren’t the only place where you can really step on the gas. It may come as a surprise to many that Germany ranks only second in terms of the number of beer breweries it has, behind the USA. What might Johann Wolfgang von Goethe have said to that? Possible the following: “With words we fitly can our foes assail”. After all, not all beers are worthy of being called a Bier... You can find further interesting facts about Germany in the graphic below.