Backstage Rally Italy.

Rally recipe à la Volkswagen.

According to the Italians, pasta has been cooked to perfection when it’s al dente, i.e. firm to the bite. In practical terms, this means the pasta isn’t too hard, but isn’t overcooked and soft either. It all comes down to timing. And the same can be said for rallying too: the partnership between the driver and the co-driver in the cockpit has to be just right. And when the mechanics in the service park get their hands on the WRC vehicles, every adjustment they make has to be just right too, because time is of the essence. If the timing isn’t right, the team and the drivers will soon lose their appetite. We hope to tantalise this appetite with this delicious recipe that Volkswagen team chef Daniel Zillgen will prepare for the entire team during Rally Italy in Sardinia. We hope you enjoy cooking it too and wish you a buon appetito!