Backstage Rally Finland.

Fly, little Polo, fly!

As the fans that line the route know full well, Rally Finland is the ultimate car jump extravaganza. The highlight of this high-speed chase through forests was the 33.01-kilometre long Ouninpohja special stage in 2013, which sees the WRC vehicles flying through the air for some 50 metres. The record for the furthest jump is currently held by Markko Märtin, who achieved a distance of 57 metres in 2003. In this year, only the last 15.05 kilometres of Ouninpohja will be part of the 20.51 kilometre-long Kakaristo special stage. Could the Polo R WRC maybe break the record this year?

Jumping isn’t just the domain of rallying – there are various long jump experts to be found in the animal world too. The red kangaroo native to Australia can use its muscular hind legs to jump up to twelve metres, while the rare snow leopard, which is under threat of extinction, can leap up to 14 metres while it hunts in Asia’s high mountain regions. Nonetheless, the ultimate record is still held by a human: in 2015, the Norwegian ski jumper Anders Fannemel covered an incredible 251.5 metres in Vikersund, Norway.