Backstage Rally Germany.

A glimpse of what Germany does best.

Volkswagen Motorsport goes into the Rally Germany as the triple title-holder, having won the drivers’, co-drivers’ and team trophies last season. It is a home event for Volkswagen in a great sporting year for the Germans, who are immensely proud of their recent triumph in the FIFA World Cup. This pride is understandable when you consider that they last lifted the trophy 24 years ago and came tantalisingly close to winning on several occasions since. No fewer than four times, Germany made it to the final of the World Cup, only to leave the pitch empty-handed. So you could say that the reigning champion also holds the title for losing in the World Cup final.

Germany can claim plenty of titles away from the football pitch too. With some 300 types of bread, the country is the world champion in bread baking. As the construction of Berlin’s new BER airport drags on and on, it can also claim the dubious honour of the world’s lengthiest airport building project. Unsurprisingly perhaps, Germany also reigns supreme when it comes to making sauerkraut. However, one widespread cliché is not true: the Germans aren’t the world’s biggest beer drinkers – that title goes to the Czechs.